Zinc Die Casting Alloys

Eastern Alloys is North America's largest manufacturer of zinc alloys for the die casting industry, manufacturing a complete range of high quality zinc die casting alloys. Within the Zinc die casting industry there are three main families of alloys, the Zamak alloys, ZA alloys and Zn/Al/Cu alloys.

Zinc Die Casting Alloys:

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Zamak 3

The most common zinc die casting alloy in North America. Usually the first choice when considering an alloy for zinc die casting due to its excellent combination of mechanical and physical properties, and superb casting and finishing ability.

Zamak 2

Within the Zamak family of zinc die casting alloys, Zamak 2 has the highest strength and hardness due to its higher copper content (3%). Also known as Kirksite when making tooling for the stamping or plastic injection mold industries.

Zamak 5

Commonly used zinc die casting alloy throughout the world due to its combination of strength, ductility and fluidity. The 1% additional copper added to the alloy improves the alloy's mechanical properties.

Zamak 7

Although magnesium is a useful element to combat corrosion effects of the alloy due to certain impurities, it was also found to reduce the alloy's fluidity. In this alloy, nickel replaced magnesium, which helped improve the fluidity and casting ability of the alloy. The properties are similar to Zamak 3 with enhanced fluidity.


Zinc alloy with 8% aluminum. The most common of the ZA alloys due to its combination of strength, casting ability (cast in a hot chamber machine), and is often electro-plated.


ZA-12 has an excellent combination of mechanical properties and casting ability. Due to its elevated aluminum content this alloy is cast in a cold chamber die casting machine.


Zinc alloy with 27% aluminum. This higher aluminum content offers an alloy with exceptional mechanical properties as well as the lowest density of all the zinc die casting alloys.


Zinc die casting alloy with the highest strength, hardness and creep resistance, along with exceptional fluidity.


A zinc die casting alloy developed in the 1990's by General Motors. ACuZinc is a zinc based alloy with approximately 5% copper and 3% aluminum. The combination AL/Cu/Zn in this alloy produces castings with exceptional mechanical and physical properties.