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Through the years, Eastern Alloys has been asked to participate in marketing efforts to help engineers, designers and specifiers of components better understand the advantages of zinc die castings and the die casting process.  We have traveled throughout North America visiting companies and have given many online seminars marketing zinc die casting and supporting our customers and the industry in general.

We have also developed a series of publications, data sheets, conversion stories and online seminars which are all available to the public.  Our goal continues to be relating the benefits of zinc die casting to those that make material choices.

The following are various media files that have been put together for this purpose.  Please review the following media files which share these advantages, and please contact us with any questions.

Request a Seminar

In addition to the free recorded 5 minute videos below, Eastern Alloys also offers free online seminars to help educate designers & specifiers of components the advantages of zinc die castings as well as the die casting process.  Often, major cost savings opportunities are available by converting existing or designing new products as zinc die castings.  These seminars are designed to provide the tools and information needed to determine if zinc the correct material choice.  Please contact us to request a seminar.

5-minute Online Seminars

Other Videos about Zinc Die Casting

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