Zamak 3

Zamak 3 is usually the first choice when considering a zinc die casting in North America.  It has an excellent combination of physcial and mechanical properties, superb castability and long-term dimensional stability.  Nearly 70% of all zinc die castings are made from Zamak 3 in North America.  It is therefore the most widely available alloy from die casting sources.  Zamak 3 also offers excellent finishing characteristics for plating, painting and chromate treatments.  It is the "Standard" by which other zinc alloys are rated in terms of die casting.

Typical Mechanical Properties (Die Cast)
UTS:  ksi (MPa)Yield Strength:  ksi (MPa)Elongation:  %Hardness:  BrinellModulus of Elasticity:  psi x 10^6
41 (283)32 (221)108212.4

Typical Physical Properties
Density:  lb/in^3 (g/cc)Melt Range:  deg F (deg C)Electrical Conduct: %IACSSpecific Heat:  BTU/lb/deg FDie Shrinkage: in/in
0.240 (6.6)718-728 (381-387)270.100.007

Chemical Analysis
Ingot (ASTM B240)3.9-4.3.03-.06.10 max0.035 max0.0040 max.0030 max.0015 max-balance
Die Cast (ASTM B86)3.7-4.3.02-.06.1 max.05 max.005 max.004 max.002 max-balance

Recommended Downloads

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