Spin Casting Alloys

Spin casting is a casting process which utilizes a rubber mold and centrifical force to produce high integrity castings. Zinc alloys work very well with this process due to their combination of excellent mechanical properties and high fluidity.

Some spin casting companies have found success simply using zinc die casting alloys (such as Zamak 3), but most have preferred zinc alloys with higher amounts of other elements such as Copper and Magnesium which changes the characteristics of both the fluidity and strength, making the alloy better suited for the spin casting process.

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The spin casting industry has a variety of custom alloys; however, after years of discussions with various spin casting companies, Eastern Alloys developed three standard spin casting alloys that are now commercially available and cover most of the custom ranges that have been requested through the years.  The following table gives the chemical analysis of each of these alloys.

Chemical Analysis

 Al %Mg %Cu %Fe %Pb %Cd %Sn %Zn %
 HJ10 Ingot3.2-3.80.15-0.30 1.2-1.80.03 (max)0.004 (max)0.003 (max) 0.002 (max)balance 
 HJ20 Ingot3.2-3.80.45-0.752.5-3.250.075 (max)0.005 (max)0.003 (max)0.003 (max)balance
 HJ40 Ingot3.25-3.750.45-0.754.25-4.750.035 (max)0.004 (max)0.003 (max)0.002 (max)balance

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