Scrap Purchasing

Scrap Purchasing

Eastern Alloys purchases many forms of zinc and other non-ferrous scrap.  Scrap pricing is based on the current metal market and payment is typically either issued directly or credited to our customers accounts.

Scrap Tolling

Although most of our customers prefer the scrap purchasing programs due to it's simple payment structure, we do offer tolling service (reprocessing zinc scrap to ASTM specified ingot) when required.


Scrap Categories

Eastern Alloys is interested in purchasing many grades of non-ferrous scrap metal.  The following categories are some examples of scrap typically purchased:

  • Clean Castings
  • Dross (all forms)
  • Zinc Fines/Dust
  • Irony Castings
  • Plated Castings
  • Zinc Clips
  • Kirksite Dies
  • Copper alloy scrap
  • Aluminum alloy scrap