The following are various resources that Eastern Alloys has made available to die casting companies as well as designers and specifiers of components.  Some of the data is a little more technical and specialized and requires a very short registration to download, however most does not require a registration.  For further information or consultation please contact us.  

Zinc Case Studies

Learn about other components that have been designed and converted to zinc castings.

Technical Library

Eastern Alloys has the largest online technical archive related to the zinc die casting industry.

Data Sheets & SDS

Download zinc related datasheets and SDS .


These are our most popular downloadable files.

Zinc Properties

Summary of zinc die casting properties, and download our four-page property guide to zinc die casting alloys.

Characteristics of Zinc

Learn more about the other characteristics of zinc die casting that are helpful to designers and specifiers of components.

Zinc Casting Processes

Zinc can be used in a variety of casting processes, visit this page to learn more about each of these processes.