Ingot Shapes Steel Coating Alloys

Steel Coating Product Shapes and their typical weights

(Click on a shape below for Product details - Weights are approximate and in lbs)
IngotsStandard SowDouble JumboDouble Jumbo 1800Strip JumboASTM Strip JumboHalf Sow
90-10 Brightener222,200n/an/a2,2002,2001,100
95-5 Brightener222,400n/an/a2,4002,4001,200
5.5% Galfan®222,400n/an/a2,4002,4001,200
Galvalume® Master Alloyn/a1,2001,8001,8001,1001,100550
NiZn Mastern/an/an/an/a2,4502,4001,200
Al-Si Aluminizing Alloyn/a1,2001,8001,8001,1001,100550
Zn-Al-Mg Alloyn/an/an/an/a2,3002,3001,150

Please contact Eastern Alloys to discuss variations of alloys and availability of the shapes produced in these alloys.