This steel coating product offers a better physical barrier than standard galvanized coatings, and offers better corrosion resistance in most environments, including temperatures up to 750 degree F.  Applications may include industrial Roofing and siding, air-conditioning equipment, automotive under-body parts, building panels, electrical boxes, farm equipment and machinery, etc...  Eastern Alloys manufactures "Pre-mixed" Galvalume to those manufacturing facilities who do not want the challenges and associated "hidden" costs of the alloying process. 

Such challenges include purchasing and inventorying the various metals to alloy, as well as the process and challenges associated with melting, mixing, and analyzing the alloys to ensure quality. Purchasing Galvalume in the Premixed form eliminates these challenges and "hidden costs" of the self alloying process.  In addition, Eastern manufactures Aluminum Silicon master alloys that are also used to simplify the alloying process for Galvalume.

Chemical Analysis

Al (%)Fe (%)Pb (%)Cd (%)Sn (%)Cu (%)Si (%)Rare Earths (%)Zn (%)

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Finished Product Examples

The above pictures are examples of products coated with Galvalume, by end-use customers.  Please contact us to discuss Galvalume and the cost savings advantages of using our Eastern's "Pre-mixed" Galvalume products.