EZAC® is the most recent development in the family of zinc die casting alloys.  Research has shown EZAC® to be the most creep resistant of all the zinc die casting alloys with over an order of magnitude improvement over the standard zinc die casting alloys like Zamak 3 and ZA-8.  It is also the strongest (57 ksi) and hardest alloy (120 Brinell), with the advantage of being a hot chamber alloy due to its lower melting temperature.  We have also found EZAC® to be one of the most fluid zinc die casting alloys, and have successfully die cast thin wall components with a wall thickness of 0.19 mm (0.0075").

Typical Mechanical Properties
UTS:  ksi (MPa)Yield Strength:  ksi (MPa)Elongation:  %Hardness:  BrinellModulus of Elasticity:  psi x 10^6
60 (416)57 (396)112016.2

Typical Physical Properties
Density:  lb/in^3 (g/cc)Melt Range:  deg F (deg C)Electrical Conduct: %IACSSpecific Heat:  BTU/lb/deg FDie Shrinkage: in/in
0.234 (6.49)715-775 (379-413)26-290.100.075

Chemical Analysis
EZAC® is a zinc-based alloy with specific additions of copper and aluminum.  It is this proprietary and unique combination of elements that give this alloy its improved strength, hardness and creep performance.  A certificate of conformance is available upon request.

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