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Mailing Address

Corporate Office and Manufacturing Plant - Maybrook NY

P.O. Box 317
Henry Henning Drive
Maybrook, NY 12543

Phone: (845) 427-2151
Fax: (845) 427-5185

Manufacturing Plant - Henderson KY

Eastern Alloys of Kentucky, LLC
5800 Riverport Rd.
Henderson, KY 42420

Executive Team

Richard H. Bauer (President & CEO)(send a message)

Joseph J. Migliozzi (VP Finance & CFO)(send a message)

Kate Bauer (Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer)(send a message)

Ron Albert (VP Quality & Manufacturing / Plant Manager Maybrook, NY)

Adam Stevenson (VP Quality & Manufacturing / Plant Manager Henderson, KY)

Marc Morgan (VP Price Risk Management)(send a message)

Ryan Winter (VP Engineering Services)(send a message)

Henry Defrancesca (VP Trading - EA Raw Materials)(send a message)

Sales Team

Jim Reynolds (Senior VP of Sales)(send a message)

Eric Smith (Alloy sales & By-product purchases)(send a message)

Jim Waud (Alloy sales)(send a message)

Jack Turney (Alloy sales)(send a message)

Henry Defrancesca (By-products)(send a message)

Ryan Winter (Zinc bar stock sales, alloy sales, technical service, "Request a Seminar")(send a message)

Other Key Personnel

David Fosbenner (Senior IT Administrator)(send a message)

Michele Price (HR Manager)(send a message)

Andre Santa (AVP Quality)(send a message)