Defect Analysis

Eastern Alloys staffs metallurgical engineers who specialize in the die casting process.  We offer free technical assistance programs to our die casting customers such as Defect Analysis, process and alloy consultation and training seminars to assist our die casting customers.  

We use a metallurgical approach to analyzing defects by sectioning castings, mounting the sections in plastic and polishing them to a metallurgical finish for microscopic examinations.  This method is used by Eastern Alloys so that we can correctly classify defects, determine their root cause, and ultimately help improve the die casting process and improve casting yield.  This process is free to our die casting customers, and more importantly allows for a quick and accurate analysis to avoid costly defective issues.

The following is one example of a plated casting that what appears to be surface defects, which were in actuality a casting defect called a cold shut.

 Classification of surface related defects, with an example of a die casting surface defect with a decorated electroplated surface.

If you are a die casting company in need of defect analysis, or if you are an end user seeking a third party opinion on a die casting defect, please contact us.  Typically, the duration of a defect analysis project is few days and includes a full examination of parts using metallurgical techniques, discussions regarding the issue and process, using die casting diagnostic tools and calculators and is followed with a comprehensive report showing all findings.

In addition, Eastern Alloys also offers training programs to help others correctly diagnose defects and use the diagnostic tools that are available to the die casting industry.