5 Technologies to Prolong the Life of Zinc Die Casting Dies

Zinc die casting technologies are changing and with that comes opportunities for more profitable zinc alloys component manufacturing. A recent NADCA whitepaper discusses 5 key technologies that can help extend the life of die casting dies, thus reducing the costs of manufacturing zinc die casting components. 

The five techonolgies are: 
  1. Using Superior Grade H13 steel for making the die casting dies.
  2. Adding high thermal conductivity materials to hot spots inside the die casting die, or using bi-metallic tooling, tools made of steel and copper, for example. 
  3. Placing cooling lines closer to the cavity surface
  4. Using computer controlled cooling lines that monitors the actual heat being removed and reduces die temperature shocks and thermal fatigue stress. 
  5. Using multi-layer coatings to protect outer working layer from wear, errosion and other stresses, while using a different coating for the under-layers to deal with stresses from the die surface to the outer layer. 

Click here for the full whitepaper. As a customer, we provide you with technical assistance and we can help you implement these and other cost-saving technologies. Please contact Ryan Winter for more information. 

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