Top 5 Reasons to Choose Zinc - #4 Longer Die Life

Zinc alloys melt at lower temperatures than Aluminum and Magnesium. Therefore Zinc has a much lower corrosive nature to dies and shot end components. The rule of thumb for die life in Zinc Die Casting is 1,000,000 shots before replacing the die. This is approximately 10X longer than what is commonly found in the aluminum die casting industry. Smaller, less complicated tools can often last the entire life of the product. This cost adds up after only a couple years of production.
In addition, because of the low attack rate on iron components, Zinc alloys are “Hot Chamber” die casting alloys. This means the metal pump or “gooseneck” is submerged in the molten metal allowing for faster cycle times as compared to the higher melting temperature “Cold Chamber” process, where a slower ladling action is required

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