Top 5 Reasons to Choose Zinc - #3 Castability

The Zinc Die Casting process is known to be a “NET SHAPE PROCESS”. Zinc is more fluid than other casting materials and can therefore form more complicated shapes and tough to fill sections. The standard wall thickness for Aluminum and Magnesium die castings is approximately 0.040” thick; whereas, the standard wall thickness for Zinc die castings is approximately 0.020” thick. Ongoing research has even shown that a new “Thin Wall” zinc alloy has been able to die cast 0.013” walls (after a 3” flow length). In most cases, machining is simply not necessary. In some cases, parts can even be “in-die degated”, which means that the trimming operation is eliminated because the parts are “degated” within the die casting machine, allowing for further cost savings opportunities.

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