Top 5 Reasons to Choose Zinc - #2 High Strength

Yield Strength: Zamak 3 (the most common zinc die casting alloy) has a higher yield strength than Al380 (Aluminum die casting alloy) & AZ91D (Magnesium die casting alloy).

Impact Strength: Zinc die castings are known for their superior impact strength over competing materials and processes. For instance, Zamak 3 has an impact strength greater than 15X that of Al380. This is one of the major reasons why zinc die castings are commonly used for various housing, and other outdoor applications, etc…

Stronger than Steel?: OK, Zinc Die Casting Alloys are not as strong as steel; however, they can be stronger than a steel weldment. The weak point on a steel weldment is not the steel material, but rather the welded joint. Zinc Die Casting's ability to cast round corners and consolidate parts help strengthen the component, giving an overall improved strength even over Steel!

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