An overview of EZAC - Eastern Alloys' newest zinc die casting alloy

Eastern Alloys has made progress in alloy development that has resulted in the commercialization of a high strength, creep resistant, hot chamber zinc die casting alloy. Commercial zinc alloys are used in the die casting industry for high volume, net shaped components and must meet the most challenging specifications such as protection from corrosion, temperature and wear resistance. Many zinc die casting alloys are useful commercially because they possess properties such as low melting point, high fluidity, and low attack rate on shot end components. These properties allow for low cost advantages over other possible materials and methods. Okay so, what’s so special about it? What sets this zinc alloy apart from the many other zinc die casting alloys?

  • Creep Performance: Development of the EZAC alloy has resulted in increased creep performance. “Creep” is the result of the deformation of the alloys components over time.
  • Tensile Strength: Increased tensile properties give the EZAC alloy exceptional tensile strength. An average yield strength of 396 MPa makes EZAC stronger than any other Hot Chamber Zinc die casting alloy on the market.
  • High Temp Tensile Properties: EZAC’s tensile properties at elevated temperatures are the highest in the standard Zamak 5 hot chamber zinc die casting alloy.

Early research conducted alongside the Department of Energy Cast Materials Consortium set the basis for the work in the project. Researchers refined the chemical components of the alloy, yielding the production of significant improvements in tensile strength, hardness and creep performance. The composition of EZAC is near the Al-Cu-Zn ternary eutectic, resulting in a low melting temperature that allows the alloy to be cast in a hot chamber die casting machine without the excessive wear that is typically experienced with other high-copper zinc die casting alloys. 

Other than possessing the characteristics of a high strength, creep resistant, hot chamber zinc based die cast alloy, EZAC possesses several other exceptional properties. One area in which EZAC significantly stands out is Hardness. Hardness tests show over a 12% and 19% improvement over the Al-Cu-Zn ternary eutectic and Zamak 2 consecutively. Its castability can also be added to its list of features as it exhibits a 100 degree difference in comparison to ACuZinc 5’s melting point. Further data such as wear resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are yet to be tested, however, EZAC proves itself to be a promising component in the die cast alloy market.

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